Can Dentists Provide Emergency Services?

Most people think that if they have a loose tooth, it is on them to take it out. It makes sense that you would have that idea, as you may not want to wait the usual weeks you have to wait to get a dentist appointment. The reality is that even though dentists have a longer wait time for normal appointments, most of them are also able to see patients during an emergency. So long as you are open with your dentist about what is happening, they will find time for you.

What you do is call your dentist for a emergency tooth extraction zanesville or similar procedure. Tell them what is wrong. Say you have a tooth that is causing you incredible pain, you will want to come in within days and get it checked out. Your dentist can perform an x-ray and do other checks to see what is happening.

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After your dentist figures out what is happening, they will recommend a solution. Your dentist may say that some antibiotics and other treatment will be the solution. That means you do not have to get the tooth removed, which is a huge win. You will be able to treat the issue, take medicine for the pain, and eventually your infection will go away and your teeth will be in good help.

But there are times when it is too late for that approach. The infection is already bad enough in the tooth that it needs to be removed. The only issue is getting it out fast enough and then getting an implant in there so you can ensure the surrounding teeth are in good health.

No matter what is going on with your teeth, your dentist needs to know. They are the only person who can help you because of their experience and knowledge.