Top Questions for Cleaning Vendors During COVID-19

With COVID numbers fluctuating throughout the world, businesses must take measures to ensure that they do not unwittingly spread the virus to patrons or employees. To facilitate this, many organizations have begun to hire cleaning vendors specializing in sanitizing to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, to make sure you choose the right vendor there are some important questions you should ask before making a decision.

How much experience do you have with biohazard cleaning?

Knowing how to clean properties that have damage from mold, storms, and water is a crucial skill for these vendors to know. Specialists should also know how to identify and address microbial growths, viruses, and other bacteria and pathogens that may be present.

Is your business insured?

Insurance is a key factor when working with cleaning companies, as you will be putting your business in the hands of covid cleaning services when hiring them. Employee should also be certified, ensuring that they can handle biological hazards and respond to them appropriately.

What PPE will cleaning service employees be wearing?

Employees working for cleaning services will be putting themselves in hazardous conditions, so the proper PPE, or personal protective equipment, should be worn at all times while completing the cleaning job. Technicians should wear protective suits as well as gloves, respirators, googles, and some form of mask. Any PPR that is used while cleaning should be discarded per federal and state guidelines.

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There are also other questions you should consider asking, such as what chemicals the cleaning company will be using and what techniques their specialists are trained in. Knowing this information can help you figure out the best company for the job, keeping you and your employees as well as any other visitor to your commercial business safe and healthy.