Differences Between Commercial And Residential Tick

Like most insect species, there will be numerous sub-species in regard to the tick species. But to allay any concerns or fears the layman or commercial business owner may have on the problems ticks could cause them, and perhaps to ease their minds into the pest control principles and practices, this is perhaps all they need to know about local commercial and residential tick control hickory work for now.

residential tick control hickory

Let’s start this brief review in the commercial sector. There may not be much evidence of four-legged mammals on which ticks in general would traditionally prey but that does not really signify. The fact that ticks prey only on animals becomes something of a myth. Because like many insect species, these are fairly formidable creatures. And what to do when there are no guard dogs prowling about the lumber or junk yards?

If no animal, eat dirt instead. And why not wood too? Well, let them. And then let them die.

Let’s just say that the domestic environment, your residential property in other words, may well suit the tick to, well, a tick. Because there is bound to be at least one canine pet on the property, and don’t the ticks love it. Let’s just say that the four-legged instalment of man’s best friend is easy pickings for the six-legged insect variety. This is because such animals are rather vulnerable in their short proximity to the ground.

Ticks can easily leap onto animals’ legs and backs. And no amount of scratching is going to help these poor animals as the ticks burrow their way under the animals’ thick skins. So much for having a thick skin to help you get through your everyday day challenges. And of course, it is a dog’s life after all.