The New Norm at Your Golf Course: Surviving a Pandemic

Now that COVID-19 has created a ‘new norm,’ golf clubs must take the time to communicate with customers if they plan to continue operating. Customers want things done differently now that their health is at risk. They want to know the businesses they visit take precautions to protect them and their loved ones. Your golf course may need to redesign its offerings to keep up with the new norm. But, with the right strategies and a bit of effort, success can still be found.

Right now, communication is the most important thing you can do to keep your golf course afloat. Send surveys or emails to tell customers the steps you are taking to keep them safe. Gather their input and learn what things they no longer feel safe doing and things they are comfortable doing. This critical information allows you to make adjustments, whether temporary or permanent.

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Obviously, the best way to keep the golf course safe is to follow all state and federal guidelines in place concerning coronavirus and expect a few unhappy customers as the result of that decision. Keep up with the latest news so you can quickly adjust if need be. However, safety is more important than anything at this time. Ensure that you adhere to all social distancing guidelines and enforce the use of masks while at the facility.

It is extremely beneficial to use the services offered from professional golf club consulting company right now as well. Experts understand the added fears of the world and know what to do to ensure everyone is safe and that your golf course is still successful. Costs and services vary, but rest assured they offer the help that can help your business thrive.